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Striving for Excellence 

I have a long list of clients waiting to have their quilt Long Armed  to avoid a long wait contact us to have your name added to a list now while you are still working on your project.


1. The quilt is not square and does not lay flat, borders are extremely wavy.

2. Open seams:  Seams that are not sewn closed when ironing your quilt this is a good time to see that threads are snipped, and any unsewn spots are fixed. This can damage your quilt and possibly knock the timing out on my machine. I will not be held responsible for a torn quilt. 

3. The backing or batting is too small. 

4. Smells of cigarettes, pet order, urine or any other nasty smells.

5. The quilt has animal hair on it in large amounts an occasional kitty or pup hair is no problem.

6. When doing a edge to edge pattern All  seams, prairie points, and pockets are sewn down and closed No exceptions.

7. I just don't want to quilt it. Sometime a quilt just doesn't speak to me or it does and says don't do me it happens very rarely so please don't feel I will refuse your quilt for some minimal issue. 



Omni Variegated


Gammill Statler

Warm and Natural

Warm and White

Quilter Dream Poly Cotton Blend

Quilters Dream Select 100% Cotton

Quilters Dream Wool

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