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Hawaiian Quilting Class
April 5th, 2024
10:00 to 1:00

Amtrak Conference Room
Main Street
Saco Me 04072

Now accepting custom quilting for 2024. Edge to Edge are always welcome please see pattern links below. I ask that you call for an appointment or drop off date and time. Thank you

Providing professional  Long Arm Quilting
Edge 2 Edge

I have a large number of digital pantographs to choose from.    To calculate your price, do the following:  (Width) x (Length) x (Price per Square Inch Decimally)= $x.xx price.  For instance, an 80″ x 80″ quilt that has a 19 cent charge is 80 x 80 x .019=$121.60.  Batting and specialty thread charges are not included in this price 

My minimum charge is $45.  This is due to the time it takes to load your quilt, set the pantograph up and quilt your item.  This also does not include the price of batting or specialty threads.

Check these site to find a pattern you might like

Wasatch Quilting (


Urban Elementz: Pantographs / Quilting

Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio | Digital Quilting Patterns by Kim Diamond

Partial Custom

This type of quilting involves the use of pantograph work on the interior and a semi-custom or custom quilting on the border.   I will discuss with you your wishes and suggest my  ideas of what may work to make your quilt truly a special piece.  For instance the price is 4.5 cents per inch, that 80″x80″ quilt would cost:  80x80x.045=$288.00.  Batting and thread charges are not included in this price


Custom quilting (freemotion or digital) will produce a one-of-a-kind quilt, longarmed in patterns and designs that uniquely fit your quilt and help to tell it’s story.  This quilting style can be a very labor-intensive longarm process that will require extended use of the longarm frame.  Expect to spend some time with me, discussing what you expect and what I can deliver for your quilt.  I will give you an estimate of time needed for your project BEFORE any quilting is done.  An upfront deposit may be required.  Design and quilting time will be charged at this rate.  Batting and  thread charges are not included in this price.

My minimum charge is $45.  This does not include the price of batting or threads.

If your time quoted is 8 hours, the price would be: $30 x 8 = $240

Payment for Services

Payment is due at the time your quilt is picked up or prior to the time of shipping.  Payment must be paid in full at that time.  Cash and checks are acceptable forms of payment.  Checks should be made out to “Pauline McGrath”.   


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