I am highly allergic to something in the storage of Bosal Batting from Mardens if you have packaged Bosal brands i am fine with that as i have sold them here in the shop with no issues . These items are sold at Mardens  DO NOT BRING THEM IN MY SHOP!!!!!


Here is your list of to do's to having your quilt long armed

1st Choosing your pattern is easy just click on these links  annebright.com www.digitizedquiltingpatterns.com   intellignetquilting.com  willowleafstudio.com     tkquiltingdesign.com there you will find an endless number of patterns. Please write down or email me the name of the pattern you would like and the color thread. or leave it up to me its your choice. There are other digital company's you can find online 

2nd Is you quilt top ready? have you ironed it and snipped as much of the loose threads as possible? if not please do so  lets make sure that quilt comes out beautiful! Are your borders laying flat and with out waving? i will not repair borders or add tucks please check this before delivery. How do you check? lay the quilt on a clean flat surface if you cannot lay the quilt totally flat you need to redo the squaring of the quilt or the border lengths

3rd Some quilts have several piece and no borders i suggest what is called a stay stitch. You want to stitch the entire perimeter of the quilt about 1/8 from the edge to hold those seems together. In some cases handling and adjusting the quilt can cause those seems to open.

4th Is the backing at least 4 to 6 inches wider on all 4 sides  than your quilt top? This is very important as it gives me something to attach to as to keep anything from shifting which can cause tucks or folds

4th have you chosen your batting? I carry several brands from light weight to wool



1. quilt is not square and does not lay flat  Borders are extremely wavy.

2. Open seams this can damage your quilt and possibly knock the timely out on my machine. I will not be responsible

3. The backing or batting is too small 

4. Smells of cigarettes, pet order, urine or any other nasty smells

5. The quilt has animal hair on it in large amounts an occasional kitty or pup hair is no problem.

6. When doing a edge to edge pattern All  seams prairie points, pockets are sewn down and closed no exceptions

6. I just don't want to quilt it.

Any quilt that is not to your standards if possible will be re quilted except if the quilt has been cut once this happens i can not quilt it correctly as i need something to hold on to. Quilts are always checked before leaving the shop always!

Now that I have your quilt in my care here is 1 very important thing to remember when i give you a time of completion DO NOT CALL TEXT, MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK, OR EMAIL ME EVERY DAY, ONCE A WEEK  OR STOP BY TO ASK ABOUT YOUR QUILT! the squeaky wheel does not get your quilt done quicker it gets it returned to you . I have never missed a deadline and if I feel I will you will be called. 


 Please remember I am human working with a machine that does not always cooperate I do my best to make your quilt as beautiful as humanly possible.

 I do recommend anyone wanting a quilt done should call ahead of time i work out of my home and take in quilts by appointment only. So enjoy your quilts and please feel free to email me with any questions you might have about my services.


Pauline McGrath

2 Wharf Street

Saco Maine

207 281 2458

Basic quilt fee    0.15 and up

custom quilting  by the hour

special order patterns 15.00

Batting available: Quilters Select or Warm and Natural Batting and others  11.99 to 46.95