My mother was not a women to sit still for long and we moved around a lot. On one of our stops, we meet a family with three children. One of the children was an autistic boy whom I quickly befriended. He happened to be the same age as me, and when I was not riding horses thru the  beautiful mountains of Jacobsburg, OH, we would sit for hours and play together. Once my mother decided it was time to move again, my new friend’s mother gave me a big hug and handed me a beautiful quilt as a going away present. I was truly touched by her generosity and kindness, even at such an early age. I loved that quilt and how it felt, not only to the touch, but also how comforting that quilt made me feel inside. I thought I would cherish that quilt forever, but as it happened, my mother threw it away during yet another move! I was utterly heart-broken and to this day, I believe I have been trying to regain that feeling I once had when I would wrap myself up in my friend’s wonderful gift to me.


When the idea of a quilt shop came to me, it was actually my husband who gave me the push and encouragement I needed to move forward with my vision. With our children grown and only two German Shepherds to keep me company during the day, I needed a more creative outlet besides the longarm quilt work I had been doing the past five years. I was missing the conversation that surrounds the art I love. My husband kept pointing to “for rent” signs in front of empty shops as we would drive by. One day, I finally gave in and said, “O.K, I’ll do it!” I wanted to open a shop so that local women (or men) would not need to drive long distances to purchase a yard of Kona white or any other certain color of fabric to finish a quilt or special project. Now, I had a very successful and busy long arm business, which I would have to say, is my favorite part of my job. I love to see all the various quilts come alive as I custom quilt them. I have had women say “It’s ugly; just do whatever to it,” only to get a response of “O.M.G, I love it!” That is what makes my heart smile about quilting. I love all fabrics and try to carry a bit of everything from Kona solids, whimsy, modern design, holiday prints, flannels, patriotic, reproductions, and children themes, among many others. The shops biggest draw now is the large classroom with 12 Janome 6700P Machines to use at a small fee and various classes throughout the year.